Just Another Travel Blog

Whenever I end up on a travel blog, it’s not because I follow it; I’m on it because it was the first result after googling a question about an upcoming trip.  The problem with the existing blogs today is that they’re not personally relatable.  I’m not a young rich entrepreneur that made a fortune on some tech startup.  I’m not living in Southeast Asia working as a teacher teaching English.  And I’m for sure not an old soul living out my retirement destination hopping as I please.  Nope, I’m just a twenty something year old that works full time and has the ability to find decent travel deals.

Living with my girlfriend, we’re both very vested in finding vacation deals and are always on the lookout for our next trip.  For us, we enjoy everything from a flight around the world all the way to a simple half an hour drive to our local national park.  What we talk about on this blog will appeal to all that love to travel, whether it’s a two week trip to Asia, or just a day trip driving around your city trying new foods…we enjoy it all.   We promise we’ll try not to post articles with click bait titles like “How I traveled through Asia for $4.89 and a pack of gum”.  Instead we’ll give our true experiences: what we did to enjoy our vacation to the fullest and how we achieved it.  Also, lots and lots of food related posts!

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