Free Admission to US National Parks This Weekend (April 22-23, 2017)

For those living in the United States, did you miss your chance to visit your nearest National Park last weekend? Well don’t worry!  You have another chance this weekend because admission is free to all U.S National Parks.  If you don’t know where the nearest park is, visit the NPS site.

We love visiting National Parks, free or paid.  It’s honestly one of the best benefits of living in the U.S.  With so many different parks, there’s an endless amount of things to do and see.  You can go camping, hiking, sightseeing or even just have a quick little picnic in a calm and scenic area.  With free admission to all these beautiful parks, we recommend checking out your nearest one even if you’re not really the outdoorsy type.

Some tips if you do:

  1. Bring extra water if you’re going hiking.  While it may not be summer weather where you live, it’s always good to stay hydrated when doing strenuous activities.
  2. Along with the water, it might be a good idea to bring some food, or even just snacks.  It’s nice to have lunch after your hike surrounded by the beauty of the park.
  3. Save an image of the trails/section of the park that you plan to visit.  You can also download the map of the area you’ll be in on Google Maps.  Being in a secluded area out in the wilderness usually lends itself to no cell phone coverage, so be prepared ahead of time.
  4. It’s always good to let people, whether it’s your friends or family, know about where you’re headed this weekend.  While you might not be climbing Everest, it’s good to have a backup plan so you don’t end up living your version of 127 Hours, especially if you plan on being in a new environment.
  5. Overall, just enjoy the nature around you and don’t forget to take pictures!

See more information regarding free park days here.  If you’re busy this weekend but would still love to go, make sure you add these future dates to your calendar!

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