Food As An Experience, Not An Expense

Going out to eat is often seen as a privilege that occurs only once in awhile, not something you do every single meal or even once every day.  Why waste money when you can cook the same meal for much cheaper at home?  I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment.  If I can do it better or of the same quality for cheaper, why not just cook for myself?  At the same time, despite watching enough hours of cooking shows that would put even the most hardcore of Netflix binge watchers to shame, I’m not always keen to go shopping for produce, cook and then clean up afterwards.  To balance my laziness along with my financial restrictions, weekends are sometimes reserved for food adventures.

What are food adventures you ask? It’s something I started to plan when I moved to San Francisco.  It was a multi purpose activity that covered eating, trying different foods/cuisines, and overall just exploring the city and what it had to offer.  Knowing pretty much nothing about the city’s different neighborhoods and what was in them, I planned mini trips into the city where we would explore a neighborhood but then also try out a well known food spot in that area.  For example, craving Banh Mi’s, a Vietnamese sandwich, I ended up finding a place in Oakland Chinatown.  I discovered a new place recommended on Yelp that’s now my regular spot for Banh Mi’s and at the same time was able to walk around the neighborhood seeing what they had to offer.  I was able to incorporate exploration along with lunch so that eating out had more of a purpose than just grubbing.

The neighborhood known as Mission is known for its predominately Hispanic population and along with it, the awesome Mexican food.  So naturally, trying out the top rated places for Mexican food was the next best thing to experience Mexican culture, after attending the Cinco De Mayo parade of course.

In short, going out to eat doesn’t need to be seen as just an additional expense.  Food adventures are a great way to understand the local culture just like visiting historical landmarks that fill you up.



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