About Us

Carrizo Plain National Monument, CA

Hello, and welcome to our blog!  If you’re on this “About Me” page, we are guessing you want to know a little bit more information about us, so to start off our names are Alex and Jacqueline.  Simply put, we are just two millennials who enjoy traveling anywhere, and everywhere (while still holding down full-time office jobs.)  Alex was born and raised in Boston and Jacqueline in New York City.  We met at our first jobs in Boston, but now reside in the Bay Area.

In case you were wondering, we did not move to the Bay Area because we are developers, and we definitely are NOT apart of that group of individuals who are “scraping by on six figures, and struggling to pay rent.”  We chose to move here because we were both interested in a life-style change from the Northeast and San Francisco seemed like the perfect mix of nature, city, and temperate weather.

We enjoy traveling in every sense of the word.  Typically traveling is associated with the idea of vacations or international travel.  But in fact, sometimes the best forms of travel are more local and could take up just a weekend or even a day.  We enjoy going out to experience new cultures and new foods and are always looking for our next adventure, big or small.

If you interested in a more in-depth reason for why we started this blog, please check out our first post!  Other than that, if you have any other questions about about us, our travels, or really anything, please feel free to reach out to our email or any of our social media channels!  Thanks for checking out our blog and we hope you enjoy!