Get the Best Deal on Your Airfare

When planning for a vacation, it’s easy to just spend a large chunk of your budget on airfare if you don’t do any research!  People constantly ask me how I find my plane tickets so cheap, and really all it is is being 50% flexible, 30% persistent, 15% patient, and 5% lucky.  If you’re wondering what I mean by that, let me break it down for you.

You must be flexible with your travel dates and times.  Yes, I know it’s ideal to travel on a Friday night right after work so you can get the most out of your vacation days, but it rarely will be flights are cheapest.  Sometimes you will get lucky, but in general you should always be open to booking a flight on a Wednesday afternoon.  Everyone else looking for a flight deal will be trying to leave on that Friday and thus will be competing against you trying to snatch up that cheap ticket.

Once you have committed to being flexible, then the persistence and patient in searching  kicks in(a.k.a. you might have to wait a few months, and search everyday before getting your flight at the right price).  Also, having a little luck (and right timing) is always helpful!

These are some of our tips regarding searching for cheap airfare:

  • My number one tip, if you’re not picky on dates, is to create bookmarks on your web browser or phone for Google Flight pages with destinations you want to go to and check them daily, or as frequently as possible!
    • I am a huge fan of Google Flights because even though its not always 100% accurate, they have a nice monthly view of flight prices which no other website does.  Also they try to help you find the cheapest flights by highlighting them in green.

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  • My second tip is to get price alerts from either SkyScanner or Google Flights, which will help you track flight prices for specific dates and destinations.  For both websites, they will send you a daily email with how your flight prices have changed.
    • As a side note, as you can see in the picture, SkyScanner allows you to search for Hotels and Car Rentals if you’re searching for a one stop shop and don’t want to do any further research.
  • Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 9.24.18 PMLastly if you don’t have time to do too much research or follow a flight’s price, you can go on Kayak and see what advice they have.  Next to your flight search they will give you advice on whether to buy now, or wait based off their database of historical flight prices.  Kayak is also nice because they give you the option to search up flights three days after or before the dates you put in.


There will be a lot more tips regarding cheap airfare, but for now keep checking out our blog for more posts and tips!

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