The Myth And Reality Of Traveling For Little To Nothing

I hate it when I see click-bait articles like “the secret to getting a $52K vacation for under $400” and immediately it is all about credit card points.  Maybe I’m wrong, but most of these people who open all these credit cards seem to be older and more established in their lives, financially.  I just can’t relate.

As someone who is 23 with student loans, car loans, and rent, I can’t seem to find any justification in opening 7 different credit cards, without worrying about meeting spending minimums/yearly fees, and more importantly negatively impacting my credit score.  Credit cards points are not the only way to get a good deal on a vacation.  You don’t need to open a ton of credit cards to get good deals on vacation, you just have to be flexible and patient.  

Traveling is just like any other consumer good, the price of it is relative to its normal or usual price and mostly it’s relative to where you are in your life.  When I was younger and didn’t have a job, the price of bus fare was enough to get to the other part of the city and hang out with my friends.  With a job now, a flight across the country may be comparable to that bus fare when I had no money.  We’ll try to give you tips from our experiences of years of traveling to learn things like: knowing when to snag that elusive flight deal or what to prioritize your spending on when vacationing.

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